Stainless Steel

According to a report jointly published by Steelmint and GSSE, steel production in India is poised for robust growth, projected at a rate of 9% annually until 2030. The consumption of stainless steel in India has grown by almost ten times in the last two decades and today, India is the second-largest producer of the best stainless steel in the world and one of the fastest-growing markets for the metal in the world. Stainless steel is replacing many different materials in varied industries and is becoming a favorite due to its many diverse qualities, some of which are listed below:

  • -One of the biggest factors that have made stainless steel a hot favorite as compared to its contemporaries is the fact that it is a beautiful green material and is considered the metal of the future as it is easy to reuse and recycle, thus making it a sustainable choice.
  • -It is extremely durable and has high tensile strength.
  • -Be it a stainless steel pipe or a stainless steel tube, it is resistant to extreme temperatures thus making it an ideal choice to use across different topographies.
  • -It is also corrosion-resistant and does not rust.
  • -It is easy to maintain and has an attractive appearance.
  • -It is easy to work with and customize as per the project's requirements.
  • -Stainless steel is a preferred material by over 200 application industries in India.

There are many different grades of stainless steel used for different purposes and GSSE 2025 is the platform where you can explore a wide array of the best stainless steel products from the most trusted names in the industry. As the application of the metal continues to grow, you also get an opportunity to learn about the latest developments and innovations from the experts in the industry.

India Is The Fastest Growing Stainless Steel Market

  • -India has emerged as the second-largest producer of stainless steel in the world.
  • -India is also one of the leading stainless steel exporting nations in the world.
  • -Tremendous changes in perception of stainless steel have opened many new areas of applications in various sectors.
  • -The consumption of stainless steel in India has grown almost 10 times in the last two decades.
  • - Stainless steel usage is widespread and increasingly visible in sectors like Architecture, Building & Construction (ABC), Automotive, Railway and Transportation (ART), and Chemical & Food Processing.

Global Stainless Steel Expo 2025

The third edition of the Global Stainless Steel Expo (GSSE) scheduled to take place in Mumbai from 4th to 6th June 2025. Building upon the resounding success of our previous editions in 2022 and 2023, Virgo Communications and Exhibitions is thrilled to continue the tradition of fostering innovation and collaboration within the stainless steel industry. With GSSE 2025, we aim to create an enriched ecosystem where leading players in the field can showcase their finest stainless steel raw materials, finished products, innovations, and services. This edition of GSSE holds special significance as we strive to embody the spirit of "Make in India" by providing a platform for both Indian and global manufacturers to exhibit their prowess and engage with a diverse audience of consumers and industry stakeholders.

With a vision to take the stainless steel industry in India to the world, we, at GSSE, are constantly networking and connecting with consumers from different countries who, along with their Indian counterparts will become potential clients for our exhibitors at the event. The event will certainly get bigger and better with a capacity of 200 exhibitors and 15000 visitors The 3-day grand expo will be a focused International b2b exhibition-cum-conference connecting the best Stainless Steel players under one roof. This expo is for every organisation associated with Stainless Steel and related sectors, that share a vision of finding stainless steel based sustainable solutions to the global energy crisis and challenges we face on a national front.


Karan Tayal

Director Hisar Metal Industries Ltd

We had a lot of existing customers, and visitors, under one common platform, so it made it much easier. We came here, we saw a lot of machinery manufacturers, we saw new technologies, so that is also a good thing. And I hope that next time we have this show, we have more foreign visitors.

Sunanda Sengupta

Executive Vice President TRL Krosaki

As far as the stainless steel industry is concerned, there has been a plethora of trade shows that were happening previously compared to that in the last two years. I have personally witnessed a lot of improvement in the organizations of such kind of trade shows focusing on the stainless steel industry in particular. I think that going forward the role which GSSE is playing will definitely create a lot more such platforms for exhibitors like us who can come, participate, share our knowledge and bring an overall improvement, and be a part of this exciting growth.

Nishant Garg

Managing Director Maiden Forgings

These trade shows give you a different kind of exposure as well as you get to learn more things meeting your industry peers, more level of customers and reaching out to those new horizons that are not available from the room of your office.

Shreevardhan Rathi

Promoter Rathi Steel & Power

Places like these and the exhibitions here and abroad hold significant importance because you get the oppurtunity to meet a lot of new customers, and new suppliers. There is a lot of networking that happens, and you end up seeing what the world is doing about stainless steel with regard to new technologies and innovations; you end up learning a lot. So, whether you are an exhibitor or participant, you end up gaining immense knowledge about what is happening.

Chaitanya Chandan

Director Chandan Steel Ltd

In India, there is a huge growth in infrastructure, and potential for investment in infrastructure projects. Stainless steel has a huge scope especially in the domestic market in India. GSSE is a great platform for connecting buyers to suppliers from the industry.

Hemant Sharma

(IAS), Principal Secretary Industries Govt of Odisha

We are very happy to collaborate and participate in the Global Stainless Steel Expo 2023. These product expo shows are extremely important to bring the producers and users together. While manufacturers continue to innovate and bring new products, the only way to increase knowledge and awareness for the buyers and consumers is to do it on such a platform, otherwise it it is very difficult for the market to grow. Therefore, such expos provide a good opportunity to bring all these stakeholders together.

Dr. Aruna Sharma

Chairperson GSSE Steering Commitee & Former Secretary, Ministry of Steel

GSSE Expo is bringing all the stainless steel manufacturers big and small together. India is the second largest producer of stainless steel as well as a consumer of stainless steel with a high scope of expansion.

Chandragupt Mangal

Managing Director, Mangalam Worldwide Ltd

It is really important for the Indian market to keep holding such exhibitions. This is a great platform to meet new customers as welll as get in touch with old customers despite your competitors.

Sanjay Naik

General Manager Sales Marketing Jindal Saw Ltd

It’s a great show and we are honored to be part of this show where we get different kinds of customers and suppliers. We enjoyed this show, and we look forward to more shows in future.

Rajeev Sherry

Managing Director, Outokumpu India Pvt. Ltd.

We are participating in this exhibition and conference for the second time as gold sponsors and we are very happy the way this event is conducted. It gives us a lot of opportunities to meet our new customers and our existing customers

Rakesh Chauhan

Deputy Managing Director Viraj Profiles

Stainless steel is now a preferred material of choice for any end user industry and that’s the reason we are at GSSE. As a company, we are expanding and domestic market will be a key market for us because growth here is much more than what the global market is expected to grow

S K Chanda

Head Marketing, Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd

GSSE exhibition is one of the premier events in India, which brings all the buyers and sellers together on one platform. This enhances the business and new growth opportunities as well as the understandings of future markets, and the current scenario, which helps the business we are going to do for the next couple of years. So these sort of events are absolutely necessary for promoting business with proper ideas and prospects. So I wish the entire organization team the very best for organizing this event on such a large scale, and we have had almost 1,000 buyers and sellers.

Vinod Gupta

Joint Managing Director Laxcon Steels Ltd

It’s good to be here at this exhibition. We have had so many opportunities, and met many new acquaintances. It’s really good to be here.

Lokesh Agarwal

Vice President Rimjhim Ispat Ltd

Overall, this year’s exhibition was very good. It was bigger in size and number. Had many fruitful business opportunities. I wish to visit the next year exhibition as well.

Abhyuday Jindal

Managing Director Jindal Stainless Ltd.

I think these trade shows that we are a part of are extremely critical. It is a platform where industry leaders, domestic downstream players, international players along with policy makers can come together on one platform. It showcases the kind of potential and futuristic ideas the industry has.